Quality Corporate Entertainment

The challenge of finding quality corporate entertainment is never easy when planning your company or organization’s event.  There are thousands of acts who want your business and will promise you the moon to get a signature on the contract.

Corporate Entertainment offers one chance to get it right.
You have to do your homework.

As a professional corporate entertainer, Tom has had the opportunity to work with some of the best talent in the corporate entertainment market.  He doesn’t just offer personalized and customized programs for corporate events though.  Tom also helps other entertainers hone their skills and programs, so they become a better value to their clients.

In January, Tom’s company launched two new web sites:

Entertainment-Experts.com is a free video blog that provides advice, tips, insights and inspirations to other performers.  Every Monday through Saturday, the site releases a short video from Tom or one of his friends.  Guests include Tony Award Winner Jay Johnson, America’s Got Talent Winner Terry Fator and many others.

Tom also launched an on-line course to help entertainers improve their Showmanship skills.  Discussions On Showmanship took Tom across the United States to sit down and interview successful entertainers about their methods to win over audiences.

Quality Corporate EntertainmentWhen it comes to your corporate event, you want a corporate entertainer that can win over your audience and fit within your vision and event goals.  Even if Tom isn’t the right act for you, contact our office for a free corporate event consultation.  We are happy to help you find the perfect entertainment that will make you look like a genius!