Improving Ventriloquism

In March of 2012, Tom released a revolutionary on-line virtual ventriloquism course.  The web site at: was created to instruct people in the proper techniques of ventriloquism.  With 36 lessons and two bonus articles, it takes students on a time released journey to help them develop and improve their skills.

Ventriloquist Script WritingSince it was released, the course has received numerous accolades from ventriloquists and students alike.  Within a few short months, it became the number one method of learning this age old art form.

In an effort to continue helping ventriloquists improve their skills, Tom is now working on a series of Master Classes.  These mini courses are designed to cover important aspects of the art in greater depth.  The first to be released is on Ventriloquist Script Writing.

Tom interviewed professional ventriloquists Bill DeMar, Mark Wade, Ken Groves, Steve Petra and Sarah Jones for this course.  They covered the thought processes behind creating original material for their programs.  The first “teaser” video for the course is below:

When you need entertainment for your corporate event, contact our office to discuss your occasion.  Get a professional corporate comedian and ventriloquist that is not only respected by the companies he works with, but by his profession as well.

The Master Class Has Been Released early!  

Check it out at:

6 thoughts on “Improving Ventriloquism

  1. If the Ventriloquism Script Writing course is as good as the original Learn Ventriloquism course (and I have every reason to believe it is) it will be amazing and above all REALLY USEFUL! That’s what I look for… can I apply this to my writing and approach? Everything you’ve put out, Tom, has been first rate, practical and usable. I’m really looking forward to this course!

  2. Tom’s ventriloquism course is excellent, it covers all the important aspects of the art, and does so in a manner that is easy to understand. With the visuals he can explain things easily that would be impossible to describe in print. Foe anyone just starting to learn ventriloquism this is the best way to go, and even if you have been performing ventriloquism it reenforces the right way to do things.
    The subject of writing material is very important and very overlooked. You can have the best figure and have the best ventriloquist technique, but if you have nothing to say, and are not entertaining, you have nothing.

  3. Tom’s course, with the one lesson a day, is unique and an outstanding way to learn ventriloquism. With his method you build your skill from one lesson to the next. You can’t cheat and jump ahead missing the foundation needed for the next skill. The lessons are always there to go back and “brush-up” if needed.

    I expect the script writing Master Course to be great based on the top-notch vents working with Tom on the course. Script writing is just what I need to advance my performances.

  4. Tom has figured it out. He has an an instructional website that is easy and effective! It works!!! In the midst of learning, we get to have fun! I’ve learned many tricks of ventriloquism that have eluded me for years from Tom’s course. Now he is taking it to the next level..his efforts continue to make me better..

  5. I have been doing ventriloquism for about seven years. I decided to take Tom’s first course [] for a refresher. Whether you are a novice or experienced it is a great course and I loved that it was just linked to my computer too. Every aspiring ventriloquist should take the course, everything you need to know is in one place. Don’t do like the rest of us did, buying multiple books, DVDs, etc. Learning bits and pieces.

    So now I am looking forward to his new course a “Script Writing Master Course”. If it is even half as good as the last course, it will be worth every penny. Script writing is my weakness….looking forward to vastly improving in that part of my performance. Hurry up Tom, release it! Thanks in advance. Margaret Davis, Orlando, FL

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