Need After Dinner Entertainment?

After Dinner Entertainment

Did you ever notice how many after dinner entertainers sound the same?  Comedian “so and so” is hysterical and will make your event a success.  “Every Band” will get your whole crowd dancing and make your event a success.  The Amazing “magician” will have your crowd on the edge of their seats and make your event a success.  See a pattern?

They all talk about how great they are, and how they will make your corporate event incredible.  Really?

When you talk with them on the phone, are they busy selling themselves?  Or listening to your vision of the event?  Are they asking you questions to determine if their act is a match for your group?  Or telling you how great they are, what songs they’ll sing, magic tricks they will do, or television shows they have appeared on?

After Dinner Entertainment That Involves Your Audience

Your caterer discusses your needs, helping you make selections to please discriminating palates.  Your after dinner entertainment should be just as focused on your guests.  Most event entertainers fail to realize your evening is about your guests and company, not about their show.  That is why Tom takes the time to talk with you and find out exactly what you want.  In some cases, even the event planner isn’t sure.  Tom would rather direct you to an act that fits your event, audience and budget, than accept a show that wouldn’t be in your best interest.  And he does it time and again.

When you need after dinner entertainment for a corporate function, contact our office to discuss your event.  It is a complimentary consultation, and there is no pressure.  If Tom isn’t right for your event, he is happy to make recommendations based on his experiences working with some of the top corporate entertainers in the country.  There are no commissions involved.  It’s all about making sure your event lives up to your dreams!

Comedy Night Fundraising

Comedy nightSaturday night in Calvert County Tom headlined a comedy evening for the CCRCC – an organization with so many initials it needed to buy a vowel. The evening started with a comedy hypnotist. Hypnosis shows are usually considered closing acts. They make use of a large number of people from the audience and their antics usually generate big laughs.

Following a short intermission, a comedy magician got the audience laughing with two short, fast tricks. Next Elvis made his way to the stage and sang to women from the audience. As the evening wore on, Tom patiently waited backstage for his moment to rock the house.

When he was finally brought on stage, the audience wasn’t as energized as you might expect. It had already been a long evening, and you could tell most were tired. But that is where Tom shines.

Specializing in after dinner entertainment for corporate events, Tom often encounters audiences that have had a long day. In the corporate event environment, the fear is often that the audience will disperse. Some may head out to experience the surroundings, others may head to their rooms knowing they have an early flight.

An after dinner entertainer in that setting needs to quickly engage the audience and energize the room. When people are laughing, they won’t leave because they hate to miss out on the fun. This ends the evening on a high note and helps ensure the client’s event is a success.

For the CCRCC, Tom immediately grabbed their attention with some customized quips that left no doubt his show was just for them. As the puppets started recognizing members of the audience, the laughs grew exponentially. By the time the Human Puppets made their appearance, the entire room was shaking with laughter.

The show’s producer sent Tom this note following the performance:
“ You were great. Everyone enjoyed your show. Heard some folks talking about hiring you. I would not be surprised if you get more work from last night’s performance. Feel free to use me as a reference.” – Bob Arscott