Corporate Entertainment In Myrtle Beach

Corporate Entertainment In Myrtle Beach

Let’s say you’ve booked your next corporate function in one of the nicest resort spots on the East Coast: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Myrtle Beach offers plenty for your attendees to do besides enjoy the surf and sand.  The nightlife in Myrtle Beach offers something for everyone with such hot spots as The Bowery, Dino’s TV Variety Show, House of Blues, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville to name a few.  There are also plenty of live shows to check out at venues like the Palace Theatre, Medieval Times, and The Carolina Opry.

Plus, Myrtle Beach is famous for its great shopping opportunities from bargains at Tanger Outlets to upscale boutiques at Broadway at the Beach.  Naturally, your clients will also have plenty of great dining opportunities to choose from, too.  Whether they’re in the mood for a T-Bone at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, a burger at the Hard Rock Café, or a crab cake at the Aspen Grille, Myrtle Beach offers a wide variety of restaurants to fit any appetite and budget.

So, you’ve picked a great resort in Myrtle Beach to hold your corporate event.  Perhaps you chose the Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach or maybe the elegant Kingston Resorts or one of over 100 options to choose from depending on the size of your event and number of attendees.  You know that Myrtle Beach’s reputation as a first-class conference site will attract your clients to your function.  However, you want them to actually attend the various events that you have meticulously planned.  With all the attractions that Myrtle Beach has to offer, how can you be sure that your attendees will come to your key events?

Hiring an experienced corporate entertainer is a sure-fire way to keep your attendees engaged.  A seasoned professional will mean the difference between a meeting room filled to capacity or a lot of empty chairs.  Someone like ventriloquist Tom Crowl can keep your attendees entertained while incorporating your company’s message seamlessly into his act.  Tom has plenty of experience with corporate clients including conferences and related events held at resorts such as Myrtle Beach.  Tom Crowl’s quick wit and ability to interact with your attendees will make him the hit of your company’s next Myrtle Beach event (and you’ll be a big hit for hiring him!).  Click here to find out more about how you can book Tom.

Different Corporate Event Ideas

Different Corporate Event Ideas

Some people dread going to corporate events.  They look at them as a nuisance that prevents them from doing “real work”.  Visions of dull speeches, tired meals and long conversations with people they do not want to talk to pop into mind.  People stress over the amount of work piling up while they sit and listen to the motivational expert.  Especially when they realize many of the concepts are going be lost tomorrow. When attendees answer texts and emails on a smart phone, it diminishes event effectiveness.

Need different corporate event ideas to spice up
the stereotypical corporate function?

How can you produce a shared experience that will affect people positively?  Create an experience they will carry back to the work environment to stimulate their productivity?  Make them look forward to your event?  It is time to break the stereotype of the bland corporate event.

When rewarding employees, building the team or focusing the direction of the staff, different ideas stimulate people and get them motivated.  One method is to take your people outside of the corporate structure.  Different surroundings allow out of the box thinking.  Imagine going to an indoor sky-diving location.  The adrenaline rush and excitement of something unique will make it a memorable day.

Other corporate event ideas include cooking classes, cooking competition team building, culinary events such as wine tastings or food tours, dinner cruises, grand prix racing, a scavenger hunt, pub crawl, hot air balloon rides, boating/yachting, VIP tours of zoos or aquariums, a murder mystery, a photo tour, fishing charter,  juggling workshops, balloon sculpting workshops, circus skill training, horseback tours, golf outings, a helicopter tour, office Olympics, chair races, green screen shoots, karaoke, and theme meals/parties.

When your staff builds relationships using these different corporate event ideas, the company grows stronger.  Reward your people with something truly different.  You will be amazed at the results!

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Need After Dinner Entertainment?

After Dinner Entertainment

Did you ever notice how many after dinner entertainers sound the same?  Comedian “so and so” is hysterical and will make your event a success.  “Every Band” will get your whole crowd dancing and make your event a success.  The Amazing “magician” will have your crowd on the edge of their seats and make your event a success.  See a pattern?

They all talk about how great they are, and how they will make your corporate event incredible.  Really?

When you talk with them on the phone, are they busy selling themselves?  Or listening to your vision of the event?  Are they asking you questions to determine if their act is a match for your group?  Or telling you how great they are, what songs they’ll sing, magic tricks they will do, or television shows they have appeared on?

After Dinner Entertainment That Involves Your Audience

Your caterer discusses your needs, helping you make selections to please discriminating palates.  Your after dinner entertainment should be just as focused on your guests.  Most event entertainers fail to realize your evening is about your guests and company, not about their show.  That is why Tom takes the time to talk with you and find out exactly what you want.  In some cases, even the event planner isn’t sure.  Tom would rather direct you to an act that fits your event, audience and budget, than accept a show that wouldn’t be in your best interest.  And he does it time and again.

When you need after dinner entertainment for a corporate function, contact our office to discuss your event.  It is a complimentary consultation, and there is no pressure.  If Tom isn’t right for your event, he is happy to make recommendations based on his experiences working with some of the top corporate entertainers in the country.  There are no commissions involved.  It’s all about making sure your event lives up to your dreams!

Corporate Comedian Ventriloquist Releases Master Class

Corporate comedian ventriloquist Tom Crowl released his new Master Class on Ventriloquist Script Writing earlier today.  Crowl, the creator of uses state of the art software to time release high-definition video lessons.  The lessons, accompanied by written instruction and follow-up materials, help people who want to learn or improve their skills in the art of ventriloquism.

To find out more about the Script Writing Master Class visit:

corporate comedyTo learn how to be a ventriloquist, visit:

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A Sure Way To Kill Your Evening

It only takes a few awkward seconds to destroy a perfectly planned corporate event.  This was my experience the other night.  It not only makes you, as the event planner look bad, but sets up your corporate entertainment to fail as well.

The last evening of a major event was to be comprised of dinner, desert, awards and a program.  The guests had been in extended meetings for three days.  Many had left before the awards dinner.  The rest were thinking of early morning flights and the poolside bar just a moment away.

Prior to the event, I had met with the event planner and banquet manager.  I always advise following dinner with the program before awards are presented.  The decision was made to ignore that advice, and it is my job to follow the wishes of my clients.  We discussed the logistics of moving the onstage podium to avoid interruption to the flow of their evening.  The whole goal was to keep people in their seats and having fun.

As the awards were coming to an end, I realized the hotel staff was not ready to remove the podium.  I quickly got them in motion.  It then became apparent the event planner had never bothered to explain the flow of events to the emcee/employee.

“We’re going to take a quick break to set the stage and then we’ll have some entertainment…”. The program investment was decimated by a single phrase. The words flowed from his mouth and just as quickly, people flowed from the room.  A mass exodus lost over 50% of their guests.  It wasn’t a bathroom pit stop – they never returned.

Guests headed for the bar.  People moved to the side of the room to start conversations.  The evening was officially over.  The break lasted way too long as the emcee then had trouble quieting the room and getting people’s attention – so he introduced me.

I won’t lie.  It was a slow and painful death.  The guests had already determined the evening was over.  I entertained those that wanted to be entertained.  It wasn’t a favorable ending for anyone.

We should learn from every event.  From this, I realized in the future, when an amateur M.C. is used, or the CEO or President intends to introduce my act – I need to talk with them personally to discuss the introduction.  For you, I hope you will take to heart that when you hire a corporate entertainer to entertain your guests, take their advice.  They want your evening to succeed and you to look good.  They know their show and how to create the best possible flow to make your guests thank you!

Corporate Comedian Develops Script Writing Course

Ventriloquist Script WritingThe upcoming script writing course developed by corporate comedian Tom Crowl is starting to draw some serious attention in the ventriloquist community.  Together with ventriloquists Ken Groves, Mark Wade, Steve Petra, Sarah Jones and Bill DeMar, Tom has assembled what may be the most comprehensive course ever offered on writing ventriloquist scripts and comedy.  The on-line course will soon be available at:

For more information, keep an eye on this blog!