Improving Ventriloquism

In March of 2012, Tom released a revolutionary on-line virtual ventriloquism course.  The web site at: was created to instruct people in the proper techniques of ventriloquism.  With 36 lessons and two bonus articles, it takes students on a time released journey to help them develop and improve their skills.

Ventriloquist Script WritingSince it was released, the course has received numerous accolades from ventriloquists and students alike.  Within a few short months, it became the number one method of learning this age old art form.

In an effort to continue helping ventriloquists improve their skills, Tom is now working on a series of Master Classes.  These mini courses are designed to cover important aspects of the art in greater depth.  The first to be released is on Ventriloquist Script Writing.

Tom interviewed professional ventriloquists Bill DeMar, Mark Wade, Ken Groves, Steve Petra and Sarah Jones for this course.  They covered the thought processes behind creating original material for their programs.  The first “teaser” video for the course is below:

When you need entertainment for your corporate event, contact our office to discuss your occasion.  Get a professional corporate comedian and ventriloquist that is not only respected by the companies he works with, but by his profession as well.

The Master Class Has Been Released early!  

Check it out at:

Corporate Entertainment Booking

So finally you are done with venue booking. That’s good! Now, you’d be looking for some engaging activities and performances that would make the event exciting and fun. A corporate entertainer almost always works when you hire one suited to your event and audience. If you can hire a professional who can make your employees laugh, that would make it perhaps the most unforgettable event.

Corporate entertainment is a serious issue. Quite a paradox, no?  It’s serious in the sense that it is not a casual audience that you are dealing with. There will be board of directors or people in managerial positions among the audience. Your employees may get offended – or they may get bored, if it’s performed by an amateur corporate comedian. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to choose a corporate entertainer wisely.

Here are a few things that you should consider for corporate entertainment.


You understand the seriousness of this event. I think it would be foolish to opt for a corporate entertainer without looking at his testimonials. It’s better to ask from people who have organized similar events and who can refer you a corporate comedian.


In order to shortlist from a list of performers, you can watch their performance video. If he can make you laugh, he can make the audience laugh too.

Flexible for You

You may already have an idea in mind about a specific type of corporate performance or what should be or what shouldn’t be in the performance. This is the time to work out the idea with the performer and find if he is flexible enough to work with. Many corporate entertainment programs are static; however, if the performer is flexible, he can indeed work out a script for a specific kind of audience.

Helpful in Planning

You should have a clear idea right from the onset if the corporate entertainer is co-operative with you or not. Although, the on-stage performance is his responsibility, you will be on the hook for planning and all back-stage arrangements. The performer must be a responsible person and co-operative with you. He should let you know about his requirements in advance.

To discuss your corporate event entertainment, contact Tom’s office today for a free corporate entertainment consultation.

Top 3 Attributes Your Corporate Entertainer Should Have

So you have decided to have corporate entertainment for your next event. That’s a really good idea. It’s a great way of organizing a fun and exciting event. But make sure that you hire a professional corporate entertainer for this job. The biggest mistake would be to hire an amateur performer in favor of saving a few bucks.  Yes, I understand that you have been allotted a budget by your boss that you must follow diligently, but compromising on the quality of corporate entertainment means DISASTER.

Let me tell you some of the most important traits that you should look for in a professional corporate entertainer.

They Must Be Good

I don’t want to over-exaggerate this fact. This is an important event and your boss is going to hold you accountable for every single you penny spend on it. You must be sure that the corporate comedian is good at his performance and  can really entertain the audience. An easy way to find this is to watch his performance videos, if he has made them accessible.

They Must Be Understanding

The corporate comedian that you hire must be co-operative with you. You would agree with me on this that no performance will be directly suitable for your audience. You will need to tweak it a little bit and add some of your own ideas, as you know the audience better. If the corporate entertainer doesn’t listen to you, you won’t be able to manage the event. You should hire a professional corporate comedian with whom you can discusssensitive matters such as script of the performance, types of jokes/satire and profanity level etc.

They Must Be Creative

Now, I think that I should have mentioned this point at the top as it is the most important attribute of a professional corporate entertainer. His ideas should be fresh and novel, and he should be able to improvise with a specific type of audience. You may provide him with a brief outline, but after that he is responsible for making the corporate entertainment show a hit. Given the basic information about the audience and your goals of the event, he must create a delicate balance of humor and respect and handle the performance creatively and tactfully.