Hire A Ventriloquist

ventriloquistThe idea to hire a ventriloquist for your next event may seem a bit odd. Ventriloquists aren’t exactly top of mind when people consider corporate entertainment.  It may surprise you to find that two of the Forbes magazine’s top grossing entertainers are ventriloquists.

Ventriloquism has been delighting audiences for generations. Your grandparents may remember Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, Jimmy Nelson and Senor Wences.  You may even be old enough to remember Shari Lewis with her famous puppet, Lamb Chop. These days, names like Jeff Dunham typically come to mind when you think of ventriloquism.  Ventriloquists are far more versatile than you can imagine.  Have you considered whether to hire a ventriloquist for your next corporate event?

Not sure a ventriloquist is quite right for the entertainment at a corporate event? There are actually several reasons to hire a ventriloquist. If you’re trying to bring laughter and smiles to a variety of people in the crowd, you’re going to need to reach a bit.  Ventriloquism does exactly that. While the twenty-somethings may clear out if you hire a tribute to 50’s lounge singers, ventriloquism has the ability to bring something to everyone.

Keep in mind that you need entertainment that will work at several levels. You want to bring people together, but you may also want to reinforce your corporate motto throughout the event.  A good comedy ventriloquist can do just that. By letting him or her know what themes and keywords you want included in the act, you get the bonus that your message will be reinforced while your audience is laughing together. You can even have the ventriloquist add in a few jokes about the CFO or recent events in your company while keeping material respectful so no one is embarrassed.

If you hire a ventriloquist for your next company corporate event, you’re making a choice that will delight all of your audience and keep everyone rolling with laughter. It’s something different and certain to create an impression everyone remembers for years to come.

Corporate Entertainment in Chicago

Chicago corporate entertainmentEach year, Chicago plays host to thousands of conferences and executive meetings, and if you’re planning one of the many events that will be held there this year, there’s one thing you absolutely must know – Chicago O’Hare International Airport ranks number one in the entire country for flight delays. Seventy million passengers go through that airport each year. Chicago Midway actually ranks number eight on the list of top ten airports in the U.S. for flight delays. Any way you cut the cake, the chances of your corporate entertainment being delayed before they ever reach Chicago are quite high. Exactly what will you do if your entertainment doesn’t arrive on time? Thinking this through carefully before you book entertainment is an absolute must.

One way to solve the problem is hire a corporate entertainer from Chicago, or someone who lives within driving distance.  What happens though, if the corporate acts that live in the area don’t meet your needs?  Or if you use a Chicago corporate entertainment agency who is flying an act in, but doesn’t relay that information?

The solution to this problem of your corporate entertainment in Chicago arriving late is actually a fairly simple one – book an act who is willing to arrive at least a day in advance. It may seem like a no brainer, but those in the entertainment industry don’t always consider the idea of flight delays as they book themselves to as many gigs as humanly possible. Instead they fly in and fly out as quickly as possible, and if they’re late for your corporate event, oh well.

Not all entertainers think that way, though. Tom Crowl truly cares about the success of your event, so they’re willing to fly into a busy airport like Chicago at least a day in advance to ensure you don’t have to worry about things like flight delays or lost props in luggage. After all, you probably have enough to worry about, right? Flight delayed corporate entertainment shouldn’t have to be at the top of your list.

Before you book your Chicago corporate event entertainment, make certain you won’t have to factor flight delays into your plans. Contact our office to discuss your event and see if Tom may be a match for your corporate entertainment needs.

Booking A Comedian For Corporate Entertainment

corporate comedianCorporate entertainment can make or break your event.  Whether it is a shareholders meeting, project launch, team building event, sales meeting, or any other type of corporate event, the person you hire to entertain your clients is critical.  That’s why you need to make sure you are booking someone with a proven track record of success in corporate entertainment.

A comedian can set the tone for a great evening of entertainment or be the capstone or emcee of your evening’s entertainment.  Not all comedians are effective or experienced at seamlessly incorporating into their acts your company’s message, corporate image, or any other information you want to convey to the attendees of your event.  It’s not enough for a corporate comedian to say, “Thanks to ABC Company for having me here tonight,” and then spend the rest of time doing their standard act.  You want a customized show that highlights the people and ideas that are important to your company.

How can you make sure that you’ll get a quality show at your next corporate event?  You need to hire a comedian who specializes in corporate entertainment and knows how to customize his show to meet your specific needs and interact with your attendees.  Don’t forget; not all corporate comedians use audience participation in their acts.  There are many types of corporate entertainers: prop comedians, stand-up comedians, impersonators, and ventriloquists are among the most popular.   In fact, ventriloquists are particularly in demand and are sure to please your corporate audience.

Still, not all ventriloquists are adept at tailoring their act to meet the needs of a corporate venue.  That’s why you need to book someone who will make hiring the right act a sure thing: Tom Crowl.  Tom has extensive experience working with corporate audiences having performed in venues ranging from after dinner entertainment to holiday party settings.  Plus, Tom knows how to incorporate your specific company needs seamlessly into his act.  Your attendees will thank you for hiring consummate professional ventriloquist Tom Crowl for your next corporate event.  Find out more about booking Tom by clicking here.

Corporate Event Logistics

In an earlier post, we mentioned how a corporate event was like a puzzle.  Each member of your team is a piece of that puzzle and need to fit together to create the big picture. At one time, puzzles were cut by hand and each piece was unique.  Today, they are often die cut by machines, and parts from one puzzle may fit another.  While the pieces still fit together, the picture changes drastically and ends up a total mess.

Today’s corporate event planning tips cover logistics that can cause problems with your picture.  With corporate entertainment, those logistical problems can become a nightmare.  As a corporate event entertainer, Tom has seen entertainers and acts ruin the flow of an event.

One night, while guests were eating dinner, a band arrived, late from another event.  The stage was on the far side of the banquet room, and there was no door to load in their equipment.  As a result, their crew, dressed in jeans, carried speakers, drum kits and amplifiers through the seated guests, dodging waiters as they went.

Conversations were interrupted with bass thuds as the drums were amplified.  Over amplified feedback squealed as microphones were tested.  They finished as desert was being cleared.  During Tom’s performance, the band ate dinner, then went to change.  Their set started late because they were exhausted from running.

We’ve seen the reverse of this too.  An entertainer tries to load out their equipment because they have another show contracted, or wants to go home.  They hold up or disrupt the event because of their schedule.  We are not sure if it is ego, or the fact they need the money multiple bookings offer.  We are sure that it is a disruption that guests notice and can tarnish the luster of your event.

That is why Tom devotes himself to a client’s event.  It is the only thing that matters.  He arrives early to set and sound check before guests ever arrive.  We coordinate with the event planner, caterer and any other presenters or entertainers.  Tom is on site and ready to go, or wait as needed.  The goal is always to make certain the evening flows seamlessly.  No ego, no rushing, a successful outcome is  vital, and there is only one chance to do it right!

When planning your next corporate event, contact our office to arrange a corporate event consultation.  We’d enjoy learning about your plans and offering assistance with your corporate entertainment needs.

Variety Entertainment at Corporate Events

When planning corporate events, you want to stand out from the crowd.  You want your function to be something your attendees will positively remember and talk about long after the event takes place.  After all, you put a lot of time and effort into putting together a memorable occasion and how it is received will directly reflect on you.  Let’s face it: today’s corporate clients don’t want the standard rented banquet hall and plastic chicken menu.  They expect more when attending a corporate event.

laugh at corporate eventsSo what can you do to make your next company function a great one?  You can find a great location and fabulous caterer.  You may even have a theme in mind for the food: Pan-Asian, Tex-Mex, or something equally exotic.  The one area that will truly set your event off from being simply run of the mill is the corporate entertainment you hire.  Thinking outside the box when hiring a corporate entertainer can make or break your client’s function.

Variety entertainment that is out of the ordinary can be tricky to find.  The most common entertainers that people tend to think of are jugglers, comedians, magicians, and musical groups.  The problem with these types of acts is that everyone has seen them before, and you’re looking for something different that you attendees will enjoy.  You also want a seasoned professional who has a proven track record of entertaining corporate clients.  You need someone who understands how to be interactive with his audience and incorporate your company’s message into his act.

Ventriloquist Tom Crowl may be the perfect fit for your next corporate event.  Not only is his act unique and interactive, Tom’s satisfied clients include many well-known companies.  As someone who understands the corporate audience, Tom Crowl knows how to seamlessly blend your company’s message into his act.  Tom’s quick wit and engaging personality will be the hit of your next corporate function.  To find out how you can book Tom Crowl, click here.

Corporate Day Entertainment

Nowadays, companies are looking for innovative ways to build better relationships with their employees and clients.  Corporate days are ways for savvy corporations to help enhance their image to both their employees and clients.  Corporate days can take on such forms as open houses, ‘parking lot picnics,’ or team building exercises to name a few.   The idea is to get people into the company’s space to see what they’re about and to improve relationships with their internal and external customers.  By holding these events on site, corporations are able to save money on facility rentals.  The question remains: how do you get your people to attend a corporate day function?
corporate day entertainmentPart of the answer relies on who you are trying to attract.  If the function is meant for employees and their families, you might opt for a picnic (whether in a parking lot or inside the building) which allows for a relaxed atmosphere.  The casual attire and comfortable setting will let your employees see their work environment in a whole new light.  Plus, the invited families will also see their parent’s/spouse’s work place as a positive place to be.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

If you are seeking to attract customers (both existing and potential) to your corporate day event, an open house environment might be the answer.  For open houses, the atmosphere can be as casual as you like.  You want your clients to see the human side of your company; to let them know that you care about them as people.  As with the picnic, you want to create an inviting setting within your company’s space.

Whether you’re planning a picnic, open house, or any other type of corporate day, it’s important to hire the right people to set the tone for the day.  You’re sure to pick just the right caterer who has experience with corporate day functions and understands the mood you want to set.  However, it’s equally important to hire a professional entertainer to enhance the day’s atmosphere.  Sure, the food may be great, but few will remember exactly what was served that day.  Corporate entertainers can make or break the entire experience for your clients and will be talked about months later.

To make sure you’re getting someone who has a proven track record working with corporate audiences, you should hire a professional like ventriloquist Tom Crowl.  Tom is not only a seasoned corporate entertainer; he knows how to incorporate your company’s message into his show.  Tom Crowl will work with you to make sure that your corporate day is a success for everyone who attends.  Not only will Tom be the hit of your next corporate entertainment function, you will be remembered as the savvy person who hired him!  To find out more about booking Tom Crowl, click here.