Corporate Christmas Parties – Last Minute Bookings

Last-minute bookings! The phrase itself sends a chill down your spine, especially if YOU are on the hook. If your boss has asked you to arrange a corporate Christmas party, then you are indeed on the hook. Planning a corporate Christmas party for a huge staff can be overwhelming. The closer the occasion gets, the fear of impending doom becomes clearer. Add to this the last minute booking decision and you can almost feel numbness, moving down your entire body.

But you are not the only one who is a victim of last-minute bookings. Many corporate planners like you cannot manage to book an event in a timely manner. Many customers contact us for corporate entertainment late in the month of November and even to early December in some cases.

The frequency of last-minute bookings has actually increased in the past few years. There are two primary reasons for these delayed bookings. Some companies have begun to rely upon fund raising campaigns, which takes time before their goal is achieved. Moreover, some companies are reluctant to allocate money in advance for an event that is distant in time.

There are both positive and negative aspects of booking a venue in the last minute. But there is one thing that you must be flexible at: dates. Of course, if you are booking at the last moment, you won’t get your desired slot. But many special offers are announced during the Christmas season, which may not lie on famous nights, but they do save a lot of money. If you are flexible enough, you can make the most of the event and the cost of your corporate Christmas party will be greatly reduced. You might get a 5-star deal at a 3-star price as well.

Yes, things might get a bit difficult, as many arrangements have to be made in accordance with the venue. You should try your level best to book the venue and corporate entertainers beforehand, but if you aren’t able to do that for some reason, you shouldn’t worry about it. Some contractors and corporate entertainers may still be ready to help you, even if you contact them a few days prior to the event.

Corporate Entertainment Packages

Event planners know how much stress is involved in any one event. After all, not only do you have to book the venue, the event speakers, and coordinate things like transportation for your guests, but you also have to think about entertainment at every turn. Whether you’re talking about breakout sessions or after dinner entertainment, dealing with that many entertainers at once is certain to be nothing short of challenging. Want a better solution?

Corporate entertainment packages
are often the ideal answer.

A corporate entertainment package means you work with one highly experienced entertainer or entertainment manager who has the connections necessary to coordinate the perfect package to meet your needs. The benefits here are clear. First, you only need to tell your corporate entertainment package manager what time slots to fill, then sit back and relax, as that portion of your conference is handled. Second, the stress of hiring all of the entertainment is completely off your shoulders. Instead, you can use the time to focus on your theme, your keynote speaker, or whatever else needs your time and attention.

Corporate entertainment packages can be as diverse as you’d like them to be, too. Want to add a corporate comedian to the mix? No problem. Need a bit of music in there? That’s not an issue. Just talk to your coordinator about your ideas for the package, and have them customize something that will meet your needs.

As you search for an ideal corporate entertainment package, make certain you book an experienced coordinator. The chances are good that with experience comes better access to all of the best acts, thus ensuring entertainment success for your conference or meeting.

As an event planner, there are very few areas where you can cut corners, but choosing corporate entertainment packages allows you the chance to cut something out of your busy schedule without actually sacrificing any quality.

Corporate Entertainers – More Than A Title

When you’re planning your next corporate function, you want to hire a great act to complement your given theme. Whether your event is for internal or external customers, you want your attendees to enjoy themselves. So, you decide to book a so-called corporate entertainer to cap-off the event. How can you be sure that you’re getting a seasoned professional?

corporate entertainersMany acts call themselves “corporate entertainers” but have no idea how to handle a corporate audience. After all, you need someone who understands the unique needs of your corporate clients. An entertainer who just shows up at your function and does his standard act with little or no individualized attention given to your company is not a true corporate entertainer.

The seasoned professional in corporate entertainment is someone who understands the goals of your company’s event. He or she will do research into the message that your company wants to convey and seamlessly incorporate it into their act. Further, a corporate entertainer with a proven track record of success knows how to interact with your attendees. He understands that your audience should be made to feel comfortable while being entertained. Corporate entertainers shouldn’t just doesn’t meet your expectations; they should exceed them.

By hiring ventriloquist Tom Crowl, you will be getting a corporate entertainer who is the very definition of a professional. Tom has extensive experience working with corporate clients and will seamlessly incorporate your company’s message into his act. Tom Crowl’s unique style incorporates his quick wit and considerate demeanor. You can rest assured that he will be a big hit with your attendees. Not only will your clients be impressed with Tom, they’ll be impressed by you for hiring him. To find out more about booking Tom Crowl for your next corporate function, click here.

Hire a Corporate Comedian

comedy ventriloquist Tom CrowlHiring a comedian is an increasingly popular way to entertain your guests after a dinner or during the course of a meeting, but there are often several drawbacks to booking the first big name you happened to catch on Comedy Central last weekend. First, you have no idea what they’re going to say. Michael Richards thought he was being hilarious at a nightclub in New York, but Kramer quickly learned his own intolerant language simply wasn’t appropriate for today’s world. He’s certainly not the only one to land on his face, either. Many of today’s biggest comedy names have paved the path to fame with insensitive jokes, and the last thing you need to do during a corporate event is present entertainment that is offensive in any way. You want to build an atmosphere that is inclusive at all times. The answer? A corporate comedian.

While often a bit more expensive than the act you caught in the back room of a comedy club last weekend, a corporate comedian often offers something a bit more than others: class, appropriate humor, and the ability to infuse your message into their routine. Corporate comedians are a popular way to get the laughs you’re looking for without worrying extensively about the content of the message. Their art is dedicated to working with crowds just like yours, so you’ll always get exactly what you need. Often you can even preview routines right on their sites.

If you want to hire a corporate comedian but you’re looking for a slightly different touch, you may want to consider a ventriloquist. The popular Jeff Dunham ranks as the highest grossing touring comedian according to a survey by Forbes. While you may not have the budget for Jeff, choosing to hire a corporate comedian who offers ventriloquism could be a nice way to end an evening or accent a workshop or seminar.

To discuss the possibility of using a corporate comedian at your next event, contact our office for a complimentary corporate comedy entertainment consultation.

Planning Corporate Entertainment

Have you ever considered all the steps that go into planning corporate entertainment? It’s not just a question of booking the right act, but all the planning that begins the moment your client tells you about the corporate event. You have to plan where to have the event, what venues work best for your particular corporate client, how your attendees will be getting to the event, when can you connect with the caterers, site manager, client representatives, and the list goes on and on. Sure, there are plenty of web sites that rate hotel and conference sites and caterers, so finding someone who meets your client’s needs in these areas is not too difficult to discover.

So, you’ve booked the venue and seen to all the site requirements. Don’t forget: your clients don’t just want their meetings, guest presenters, and other agenda items to be professionally presented; they expect the same from their corporate entertainer. You’ve already got a million details to handle, but you don’t want to drop the ball when it comes to booking your corporate entertainment.

Just as your client expects you to find the best venue for their upcoming corporate meeting, they’ll also be expecting you to provide the best corporate entertainer possible. You need to know that the comedian you’re booking is not only a professional, but someone who can incorporate your client’s corporate message into his act. Remember, not every comedian or variety act knows the corporate market. You need to find someone who has a proven track record of successful corporate gigs. You need someone who will not only entertain your client but reflect positively on you for booking him. An event entertainer who engages your client’s audience is equally important. Just because a corporate comedian or ventriloquist or other variety act is experienced, it does not mean he understands how to engage the attendees. How do you make certain the professional corporate entertainer you hired can engage your clients and incorporate their company message into his act?

That’s easy: book corporate ventriloquist Tom Crowl. Not only will you be booking a professional entertainer with a proven track record of corporate events, Tom will seamlessly incorporate your client’s agenda into his act. Tom specializes in corporate entertainment; whether you’re planning a shareholders meeting, product launch, team building event, sales meeting, or any other type of corporate event. Tom will take the worry and headaches out of planning customized corporate entertainment for your client. If you’re planning a corporate event, click here to find out how Tom Crowl can make your job easier.

Los Angeles Corporate Entertainment

Millions of companies consider Los Angeles as the perfect venue for meetings and events, and with good reason. There are some fantastic convention centers here including the Los Angeles Convention Center itself. With 720,000 square feet of space for exhibitions and 147,000 square feet of space dedicated just to meeting rooms, it offers both the space and beauty you’re looking for. Nearby are thousands of hotel rooms, and both the Metro Rail and Metro Bus systems have transportation hubs at the convention center for the convenience of your participants.

While your guests are here, they can visit one of 300 different museums as well as a number of other locations for a bit of fun and entertainment. L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world, so whether they take in some scenic shopping on Rodeo Drive or they have high tea at the architecturally famous Huntington Library, entertainment here is no problem. Take them on a celebrity-sighting bus tour or out to Venice Beach for fun in the sun during the afternoon hours. You could even take them to the Chinese Theatre for a bit of extra excitement.

Planning an event on this scale can be stressful, and one of the most important aspects is ensuring that every part of your day includes your message. One great way to do this is to consider adding personalized corporate entertainment to your schedule. It could be the perfect way to launch the day or even the way to close it out during dessert. Personalized comedy means your message gets through every time. With the ability to incorporate important keywords, no matter where you fit it in, the right corporate comedian will help to enlighten and entertain your guests, helping to increase motivation and still communicate your message at the same time.

Las Vegas Corporate Entertainment

Las Vegas is the premier destination for thousands of corporate events and meetings every year. The city is home to millions of square feet of convention and meeting space, including the Las Vegas Convention Center. With 2,182,167 square feet of space and a fantastic location just 4 miles away from the airport, it’s the ideal location no matter what you’re planning. There’s a FedEx business center on site, and the several hotels are located nearby. The Cashman Center is another great choice. It includes two flexible exhibit halls as well as fourteen meeting rooms and a large theatre. Like the Las Vegas Convention Center, it is located near a number of great hotels.

During meeting downtimes or at the end of your event, participants can look forward to fun and excitement throughout the city. The Cirque du Soleil shows are a must-see, and there are celebrity chefs at every turn for a culinary experience you won’t forget. Add that to the thrill of world-famous gaming in a town like this, and you have a winning combination. Vegas has also recently become home to some serious adventure. Your meeting attendees can try the SkyJump at the Stratosphere and fall a whopping 108 stories before bouncing back up. They can even swim with the sharks at the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay for a bit more excitement.

Sometimes the most difficult part of event planning isn’t the venue itself, but the itinerary. You want events to be fun, light, and exciting while still communicating your message.  Personalized comedy is one way to do just that. It’s the perfect way to encourage audience participation and increase the level of positive energy in the room. Personalized comedy is created for your event, adding keywords and even the names of personnel into every act. It’s the ideal way to spell success for your upcoming event.

Get a free corporate event entertainment consultation for your Las Vegas corporate event.  Contact our office today!