Orlando Corporate Entertainment

Orlando is a phenomenal place to hold your next meeting or corporate entertainment event. The award-winning Orange County Convention center, located just 15 minutes from the airport, offers two huge facilities including 2.1 million square feet of space, 74 meeting rooms, and three business centers. It’s surrounded by 113,000 hotel rooms, including the nearby Hyatt Place. The Orlando World Center Marriott is another great choice. While notably smaller, it still boasts 84 meeting rooms and 450,000 square feet of meeting space available for your event.

corporate entertainment orlandoNo matter where you hold your event, your guests can enjoy many of the activities Orlando has to offer. From options like the Harry P. Leu Gardens where guests can see 50 acres of inspiring, beautiful plant life to taking in a show to natural wonders like fishing on Lake Toho where some of the best bass in the world are caught every year, your guests will be as entertained by the location as they are by your event. There are also always the big choices here like Universal Studios Orlando and Sea World where guests can see amazing exhibits like the Shark Encounter

As you prepare to plan your meeting, conference or event, one of the most important things to remember is the importance of reinforcing your theme or message throughout your sessions. While you clearly can’t have every part of your meeting revolve around the message itself, adding that theme into other activities is essential. One great way to do just that is to consider adding personalized comedy to a few spots on your agenda. Whether you sprinkle it in the morning meeting before your keynote speaker, you work it into a breakout session, or you end your evening with after dinner entertainment, personalized comedy is the perfect way to instantly captivate and include your audience while still reinforcing your message.

Scheduling Live Corporate Entertainment

scheduling corporate entertainmentPlanning an upcoming event can be nothing short of frustrating at times. After all, there’s so much to think about. Nowhere is that more true, though, when you’re trying to schedule entertainment for your next party or dinner. Even within that one part of your evening, there are so many different aspects to consider.

First, remember that the goal is to keep your guests having fun at all times. The last thing you want is for guests to be looking around anxiously wondering what might be coming up next. Good corporate entertainment will handle that for you, but you’ll want to make sure of that before you actually select your entertainment for the evening.

Second, keep in mind that your venue actually matters when it comes to entertainment. Not all bands would sound great in your warehouse, and if you’ve rented a theatre for the evening, you may want to check things out with your entertainment to ensure everything is organized properly to meet their needs. The right entertainer will work with both you and the venue manager to make sure their needs are met while keeping your guests happy too, but you don’t want to be stuck with that responsibility on the night of the event.

Finally, it’s important to note that most of the planning should actually occur on the part of the entertainer. Driving yourself crazy with all of the extra details is only going to add to your stress level, and that’s one thing you don’t need on your big night. Ensuring the entertainer you choose is part event-planner and part entertainer can go a long way toward making sure you get what you need.

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Politics, Corporate Entertainment and the Variety Arts

Recently, Forbes magazine posted a story about a government agency who was seeking a specialized program by a magician for their event.  A Senator derided them for wasting taxpayer money.  Had the same agency hired a lecturer or speaker, the fee would have been triple what was offered to the magician for the same result, yet no one would have said a thing.

The Senator obviously had a preconceived notion of a magic show.  Based on the criteria the agency required, a magic show WOULD have been a waste of money.  However, if the event planner had found a corporate entertainer who was trained in providing a program that fit their needs AND could engage their audience through entertainment, the value provided would outweigh the expense of a traditional speaker.

This shows a genuine bias in the name of “politics” toward variety artists.  Variety artists are small business people who employ others, service a niche and pay taxes.  As you search for entertainment and sift through countless web sites and videos, you begin to realize exactly how large a community we are talking about.

A professional, corporate entertainer has only one goal for your event – success.  To that end, as a business, they should either tailor their act and material toward meeting your goals, or if they are not a match for your needs, help you to find someone that will be.

When you plan your next corporate event, keep corporate entertainers in mind as a great way to break up the PowerPoint boredom of the regular speaker.  Engage and energize your audience on a whole new level.  Contact our office to discuss your event and how we can help your event be a hit!

Corporate Event Team Interviews

A successful corporate event is like a puzzle.  Many pieces need to fit together in the proper order to create the big picture.  If a piece doesn’t land when and where it is supposed to, or worse yet, is missing, the image is ruined.

In the real world, those pieces are members of your team.  They are the caterer, the concierge, the venue staff, the entertainers, the presenters and speakers, the waiters and waitresses and your company staff.  Making certain you have the right people to fill those roles is a huge responsibility.

One way to ensure you have the right person for the job is an interview.

When a prospective client contacts me with the question, “How much do you charge?” Or “Are you available?”  I prefer to take a step back.  First, what are you planning?  Would my services actually be a good fit?  Let’s discuss your event, tell me about your plans, your company and your goals for the function.  Let’s see if I can envision myself on stage in front of your guests giving you the results you seek.

The interview or consultation call allows us to determine if we both can be successful and enjoy the process of working together.   Making certain you have the right people on your team is always more important that simply filling a spot on your budget.

When you are planning a corporate event and need entertainment, please take a moment to contact my office and arrange a free consultation.  If I am not the corporate comedian for you, I have an extensive list of contacts in the corporate entertainment market.  It would be my pleasure to help you find the right piece to finish your puzzle!

Successful Events with Corporate Comedy

corporate event successOne of the most successful ways of making a corporate event fun is to invite a corporate entertainer. Good corporate entertainment makes an event unforgettable and helps it to stay fresh in guests’ memories. Moreover, it allows you to let go off your worries while you enjoy your time and helps increase your productivity when you come back to work the next morning. If you need an engaging performance for your forthcoming event, a corporate comedian is usually an excellent option.

So, where’d you find a corporate entertainer? You can ask your friends or business acquaintances who may have organized similar events. They can refer you a few names to start with. You should clearly understand this fact that corporate comedy is different from casual performances. There are many things you would need to check before the corporate comedian executes them. Although it’s a place of celebration and joy, this is still a corporate gathering so you must stay within limits.

You should find an entertainer who has experience with events and corporate audiences. What you should expect is a fine balance between respect and humor. Satires and puns should be tolerable unless they target an individual or a specific group of employees.

Besides being respectful, the corporate comedian must be able to present creative and novel ideas in comic idioms. Years old jokes won’t work here. Your guests have seen and done it all.  They know many things and have seen or heard diverse performances from top comedians. The corporate entertainer needs to target their comedy to get the laughs you expect.  So make sure that you hire a corporate comedian who is creative and original.

Office comedy has always proven to be successful with corporate groups. This is something that is easily understood and enjoyed by the audience. Generating a unique way to look at the work environment always brings loads of laughter that carry back into your guest’s daily lives.

When you are planning to hire a corporate entertainer, check out Tom’s video or contact our office.  If Tom is not right for your event, we are happy to put you into contact with a corporate entertainer or corporate event planner who can help make your event a success.

Corporate Activities Ideas

Different events call for different activities, and coming up with fun ideas to put on the corporate calendar is often difficult. Fortunately, there are several good choices that will not only keep your participants entertained, but excited about your corporate culture as well.

Here are a few good choices.

One good way to build the team using a little relaxation, is to do something active with your whole group. Golfing and office work seem to go hand-in-hand, and taking the entire group out for eighteen holes is a good way to create some bonding. If you’d rather go with something a bit less traditional, consider rock climbing, indoors or out. Indoor rock climbing facilities are a great way to build a bit of camaraderie, while outdoor rock climbing offers a great combination of fun, excitement, and natural beauty all at the same time.

Looking for something a bit less taxing? Consider a few games of bowling. Rent the entire bowling alley out for your team, and have a good time putting together a tournament to see which of your employees holds the best scores. You may be surprised at your winners’ list in the end.

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, a happy hour event or even a cocktail party after hours is a good choice. A banquet or a simple dinner party is also a great idea. As you plan for an event like this, keep in mind you’ll want some entertainment during or afterward, too. One good choice is to select a corporate entertainer, like a corporate comedian, who can personalize their routine to meet your needs. By adding in the right keywords, or even the names of some of your staff members, you can help guests truly connect with the theme you’re trying to reinforce.