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Chicago Corporate Entertainment Events

Chicago hosts thousands of conventions every year. It’s an easy location to reach from throughout the U.S., and it boasts a number of convention centers that are perfect for almost any event. One of the most prominent is the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Boasting 840,000 square feet of exhibition space as well as parking for up to 8,000 cars, it’s the ideal location for almost any type of event. A skyway connects this venue to three different hotels, and it’s located just a few miles from the airport.

While guests are in Chicago, they can enjoy any one of a number of activities. The Museum of Hummels is actually located inside the convention center, and it plays host to a thousand different figurines, including one that is eight feet tall. Outside the convention center, guests can visit the famed Shedd Aquarium, where they’ll see 32,600 different animals inside, or visit the lake-front Navy Pier where they can shop, eat, or catch a local sight-seeing cruise to appreciate the beauty of the city from the water.

One of the toughest parts of planning a convention in Chicago is creating an itinerary for guests that ensures your message remains at the forefront of their minds throughout each day. One excellent way to do just that, though, is to consider adding personalized comedy to your day. Whether you schedule it over morning pastries or during one of your breakout sessions, a personalized comedy routine is the ideal way to engage your guests while still putting your theme at the forefront of their minds. A good corporate entertainer can incorporate the right keywords, topics and even personnel names to help connect with your guests. At the end of the day, they’re likely to remember the laughter and fun that incorporated the theme, making your event a winner.

When planning your Chicago corporate entertainment event, contact our office for a no-obligation corporate entertainment consultation. We are happy to help you locate the right talent and providers to make your event a success.

Corporate Event Themes

Corporate Event Themes
3 Ideas That Will Make Your Event Stand Out

With each corporate event, your company organizes; it is building its brand. It is important that each event is unique, yet conveys the company’s image in a positive way. To ensure your next corporate event stands out from the thousands of corporate events that take place every year, add a little personal flavor to each event.

1. Choose a meaningful venue – most corporate events are planned outside of the work environment to add a fun dimension.  No matter if it is a local location, or an exotic locale, the ambience will add to the perception of the event.  People love to travel to a place that has tourist significance. Choose a place that is a unique offering or a top tourist destination and at the same time has a meaningful tie-in for the event you are planning.

2. Choose a meaningful theme – customization makes an event unique. You want this event to build your corporate brand.  The right theme will help to promote the company’s vision and mission to its employees, clients and partners. Choose a theme that sends a message to all the participants about who you are and where you are headed. Be unique, be bold, and be innovative.

3. Choose meaningful entertainment – entertainment makes corporate events memorable and adds immensely to its value. People are used to having long drawn meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars.  Entertainment adds to the relaxation of the guests and provides you with another opportunity to present your message in a unique and unforgettable manner.  Corporate entertainment can make your event an unforgettable experience simply because you have thought beyond the demands of the event.

Among the wide palette of entertainment available, choosing the unique and unexpected can be a major plus.  Ventriloquism is a popular form of comedy, but because there are only a handful of professional ventriloquists, it is rare to see this form of live entertainment.  Invite corporate comedian ventriloquist Tom Crowl to present a personalized the program to your corporate audience, and create an innovative way to gift your guests with a fun evening.

Contact our office today to discuss how Tom can team with you and help make your corporate event stand out!

Energizing Morning Sessions:

Your guests are having an “Out Of Office” experience.  They have traveled to your event location and while excited, may be tired.  Some are connecting with old and new friends, making the call of the local nightlife stronger.   Long hours and travel fatigue are usually a fact of life for workshop, seminar and conference attendees.

Operating on caffeine and energy drinks doesn’t always keep people alert for a full day of workshops and seminars.  As they stumble into breakfast and engage in morning greetings, the energy level isn’t always conducive to the events you have planned.  There has to be a better way to pull them into your schedule and get everyone psyched for the information you offer.

Launching Your Morning Sessions Using Laughter:

Laughter operates on different levels to refresh the human body.  The physical act of laughing pulls oxygen into our systems and exercises muscles.  Ever wonder why your stomach hurts from laughing so hard?  You just had a workout – and laughter workouts are invigorating!

Laughter also releases endorphins and serotonin into our systems.  Endorphins are a brain chemical known for its feel good effect.  Serotonin fuels our systems to create an optimistic and content feeling.

A shared laugh brings people together, creating a group experience that builds camaraderie.  As they see each other throughout the day, those memories come flooding back and renewed laughter keeps them energized for your entire day.

Personalized Comedy Produces Incredible Results:

Taking the power of laughter a step further, personalized comedy provides better results for clients.  Targeted material that relates to the attendees’ experiences always grabs attention and provides them with a unique view that makes information memorable.  It is another method of getting your message across and making the morning an exciting kick off.  Energize your morning sessions, breakfast or breakout with comedy that motivates everyone for an incredible day!

Tom Crowl is a corporate comedian that provides personalized comedy programs for companies and associations.  In addition to morning shows for breakfasts, seminars and conferences, he also provides after dinner programs for banquets.  To find out more, contact our office to discuss your event.

Fun Corporate Entertainment

There are times you want staff and clients to enjoy themselves and associate your company with family and good times.  Creating a caring community that builds camaraderie is a major part of keeping morale high and clients involved.

One of the best ways to bring people together is by providing a shared experience of laughter and fun.  There are many ways to do this.  As a corporate entertainer, Tom has taken part in bowling parties, golf outings, rock climbing, happy hours and scavenger hunts.  Each provides a unique out of office atmosphere that brings people together.

When  you want more control over the experience, dinner parties and banquets are advised.  The key here is to create a relaxed atmosphere in a slightly more structured environment.  Because everyone has experienced a dinner party or banquet, providing corporate entertainment that makes your evening stand out needs to be a top consideration.

Just as you budget for delicious food, you don’t want to skimp when it comes to the evening’s entertainment.  A corporate entertainer that isn’t appropriate, or a program that bombs, can destroy your planning, hard work and event goals.

We aren’t going to tell you a corporate comedian ventriloquist is right for your corporate event.  We don’t know that and won’t until we take a few moments to talk with you.  When you schedule a corporate event consultation with Tom, his only goal is to determine your needs and see how he can be of assistance.  If he isn’t right, Tom has the ability to put you in touch with people who can make your event a success.

Corporate Entertainment Success

As an event planner, the outcome always reflects on you.  A great event raises your esteem in everyone’s eyes.  When things don’t go as planned, you are the one who experiences the fall out.  That is why it is important to work with professionals you can trust.  There is only one chance for them to do their job right.

Everyone has different tastes and trying to satisfy the whole group is difficult.  The task is easier when you work with a corporate entertainer that is experienced in customizing their act to your group.  People enjoy being recognized for their work and love when they can relate to the program personally.

Present your people, company, V.I.P.’s, clients, message, product and/or services in the best light.  Tom specializes in making the program right, so you can receive the accolades you deserve.  When you need a corporate entertainer who can light up the room, creating an event your guests will never forget, contact him.  If he isn’t the solution for your corporate entertainment needs, he has the ability to put you in touch with people that can ensure the success of your function!