Providing live entertainment for
corporate functions is big business.

Event planners have access to a wide variety of live entertainment choices. Selecting the right choices from this menu can be difficult. Today we take a look at some new entertainment ideas for corporate events. By following these examples, event planners can head in different directions, creating exciting events.

When planning entertainment for special events, it is good to stay fresh and current. One way to do this is to see what is currently trending in the world. Google “Current Trends” to get exciting theme ideas for your event. Other possible themes can be determined by looking at upcoming movie releases. In 2015, Hollywood will release Fast & Furious 7. Imagine your executives racing Go-Karts at your own Fast & Furious corporate function.

We've assembled a list of the
Top Five Live Entertainment Options:

Ventriloquist Comedians:

Comedians with puppets are one of the hottest entertainment choices today. Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham created a renewed interest in the art. His Comedy Central specials set viewership records. Ventriloquist Terry Fator received America's votes to win America's Got Talent. Fator now headlines sold out shows in Las Vegas. Ventriloquism is not as easy a skill to master as it looks. For that reason, there are fewer ventriloquists than any other live entertainment option. This makes it extremely unique for live entertainment events, and a great option.

Corporate Magicians:

There are tons of magicians available. Most people have seen one in a corporate entertainment setting. The best corporate magicians are not performing standard magic tricks. Avoid magicians producing bowling balls. Top corporate magicians provide custom shows for something truly amazing.

Comedy Jugglers:

From corporate boardroom to trade show booth, comedy jugglers can make the day. Drawing huge audiences to your display booth by juggling your products is one possibility. Teaching teamwork through juggling techniques is another. Juggling takes coordination and teamwork, a great message that can tie into many events.


DJ's have moved beyond simple tune playing. Many are now multi-media powerhouses. Video and light projections of company logos, uplighting and other visuals set moods. Involving your guests in social media can have people tweeting music requests as the DJ brings your music and event to life.


Cirque Du Soliel style amazing can set the tone of any event. From trapeze and hoops to the aerial silks, your guests will love the “Wow!”

These top five types of corporate entertainers can be easy to work with and cost effective to produce. Their acts are usually flexible enough to fit within any event's theme. In the case of the ventriloquist, your message, product, people and company can be woven into their delivery.

If you are planning entertainment for events, contact our office now. We offer a free corporate event consultation to help you determine the right entertainment for your guests.