Keep your audience laughing with a comedy ventriloquist …

Ventriloquist comedy acts are popular, but seldom seen at live entertainment events. Of the highest grossing touring comedians ventriloquist Jeff Dunham sits at the top of the heap. Jeff's viral YouTube videos have entertained more people than any other ventriloquist in history. He is a major reason for the popularity of ventriloquist comedy.

Another comedy ventriloquist who has gained fame through YouTube is Nina Conti. Daughter of British actor Tom Conti, Nina turned to the art of ventriloquism for her comedy career. Her resulting fame has created sold out shows at Fringe Festivals. In 2013 she was cast in an HBO television series.

business comedian ventriloquistWhen it comes to comedy, a good stand up comedy ventriloquist is hard to top. Regular stand up comedians rely on word play and taking audiences on a unique look at common situations. Ventriloquist comedy acts add an extra dimension by creating the illusion of a conversation. The distinct personalities create conflict which is the basis of all humor.

There was a time when ventriloquists were viewed as a step below a birthday party clown. The image was an old man who played with a doll. That image was well deserved, since many “ventriloquists” were not skilled at the art. The only way to learn was through books. Some professional ventriloquists even steered people in the wrong direction to prevent competition.

Other professional vents mentored the best ventriloquists on their skills. Edgar Bergen, the most famous ventriloquist of his generation learned from The Great Lester. Lester is still considered one of the best by the ventriloquism community.

With the invention of video, ventriloquism instruction changed. People began to learn from first, VHS cassettes and later DVD's. Comedy ventriloquist Tom Crowl harnessed the power of the Internet to further develop the art. Crowl created time released virtual lessons. This required students to practice the skills before moving forward. His course is now considered the top resource in learning the art.

When you are planning a live entertainment event, think outside the box with a comedy ventriloquist. If you think a stand up comedy ventriloquist might be right, contact Tom. If Tom is already contracted, or his act is not a fit for your needs, he can still help. Tom is friends with most of the comedian ventriloquists in the world. We will be happy to help you select an act that suits your needs and has your audience raving!