What are the pros and cons of corporate Comedy? Is a good idea to hold a corporate event featuring comedy for your employees? We'd like to share the positives and negatives associated with corporate comedy. Hopefully this will help you decide if it will be right for your company, your event and your guests.

Lets Start With The Pros …

The biggest advantage of corporate comedy is that it is great for your health. “Laughter is the best medicine.” Comedy makes people feel less stressed and more relaxed. Corporate comedy events offer a day away from the office. This relaxation can increase quality of work and productivity. When employees return, they will approach scenarios with a fresh mind and positive attitude.

Another Pro of a corporate comedy event is that your employees will be able to socialise with colleagues outside of the work environment. Approached as a team building experience, a corporate comedy can break down walls. This will improve relationships within the office making a more effective workforce.

Now Onto The Cons …

Corporate comedy can be costly if you don't watch for hidden expenses. More than a business comedians' fee,  travel, meals and lodging may be required. Be sure to check all contract and production riders too. An unexpected technical expense for the program can blow a budget.

Beware of comedians who aren't corporate savvy. Your entertainment must understand they are there to represent the company and not just perform their act. The comedian must relate to your audience and event. If they don't, the performance can easily kill your evening.

Comedy must be presented in the correct atmosphere. At times, the business comedians' needs may conflict with your event flow. If the staging and seating are not set to create a positive comedy atmosphere, the program can be ruined before it starts. This is the last thing you want! Be sure to discuss the needs of your corporate entertainment with your staff and venue manager. If suitable arrangements can not be made, you may have to make changes or seek another form of entertainment.

How To Avoid Things Going Wrong 

  • Make sure you get an all-inclusive quote or at least request estimates and limits for travel expenses. To save money on travel or lodging, book it through your company as sometimes you may receive a corporate discount.
  • It is important to request a complete contract rider; this is to ensure that there are no surprise expenses before signing a contract.
  • Talk to the comedian at length to determine they understand your event and needs. If they don’t, there will always be someone that does. Also, have a look at the comedians' videos. If they make you laugh, they should make your guests laugh.
  • Lastly, make sure you request information on how the room and seating should be arranged as this will help create a positive performance experience for the audience.

Searching for comedy corporate entertainment for your next event? If you require any further information on the Pros and Cons of corporate comedy, please contact our office. Our no-obligation corporate comedy consultation can help you find the perfect business comedian for your event.

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