The holidays are fast approaching. It is already time to start scheduling the corporate Christmas party. Where did the year go? No use wondering, you've got to start planning early if you want a Christmas party to remember.

No need to panic though. Corporate entertainer Tom Crowl is here to help. From date to done, we'll cover each step of the job to make your life easier. Here are the basic planning steps to make your corporate holiday party incredible:

Decide On A Date

You may want to check around the office to get some input. Weekends are popular for hosting events, although weeknights can be easier to schedule. If you plan on a weeknight, be sure the event ends early enough everyone will show up for work the next day.

Will your event be a Christmas party? A Holiday Party? or a Winter Party? That can affect the date too. A corporate Holiday party should fit between holidays and you will need to make certain it doesn't fall on one. A Winter party can take place any time, including January.

Holiday activities fill calendars fast, so make certain yours is on everyone's schedule early. A corporate party with no guests won't go over well with management.

Timing Is Important

Will you be holding an after hours party? Luncheon events work well too. Although not everyone heads back to work. That is why one company hired buses to transport their workers to a corporate Christmas luncheon. Employees didn't have to worry about parking, or drinking. The company didn't have to worry about getting people back to the office.

Perhaps a happy hour right after work would work well too. Depending on the style of Christmas party you are planning, these options should be considered.

Find A Venue

Now that you have a date and time, you need to choose a place to hold the party. Your office is a budget friendly choice, but only if it is big enough to party comfortably.

If you've got a small company, the party could be held at the home of the boss. Local bars could set aside space for your group when having a happy hour. Some companies even hold their office parties at bowling alleys, giving them a team building fun activity.

For larger groups, hotels and conference centers are a good place to check. Does your company have any hotels they work with on a regular basis? Talk with the person in charge of scheduling travel arrangements for your company. They may have a hotel contact that can save you money on space rental and catering.

Creating A Menu

Will you need to have food catered? Or will your event be potluck? From a cocktail hour to a seated meal, every event's food requirements will be different.

Appetizers are fine for a happy hour. For longer events, “real food” is usually served. Will drinks be a part of the plan? If so, an open bar can make budgeting tricky. Some companies offer drink coupons with a cash bar beyond the initial service.

Will deserts be on the menu? Chocolates, pies, cakes and other sweets add to the budget. Talk with your caterer about options to get the most bang for your buck.

One last menu note: plan for dietary restrictions. Kosher, vegetarian and gluten free options should be considered.

Don't Forget Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment

You want employees to celebrate the holidays, and entertainment lives any event. People remember two things about most parties, the food and entertainment. So don't skimp on your corporate entertainer!

There are tons of live entertainment options. For Christmas parties, Santa can make an appearance. Of course, putting a hat on the boss and letting him or her hand out bonuses is a good option too.

Business comedians can also liven the party by personalizing their act. Using current office and industry trends, employees will take the laughter back to work. This is a great way to relieve stress and help people relax.

If funds are tight, karaoke may be a good entertainment option. Hold your own Star Search and find the voice in your office.

Make sure to contact your entertainment choices early. The holidays is a busy time and schedules fill quickly.

Announcing The Event

Once the details are in writing, get the announcements out right away. Put the date on the office calendar and make sure everyone knows to hold the date.

You may focus on smaller details once the foundation of your event is in place. There is still a lot to plan, but napkins, place settings, centerpieces and door prizes are the window dressings. With the major pieces of the puzzle in place, the rest of the parts will fit together with ease.

When you are planning your corporate Christmas party entertainment, contact Tom. Just call (410)596-4127 or email him at

We hope this article helps make your corporate Christmas party planning a bit easier!