The success of your corporate event hinges on what happens next. All the plates are cleared from the tables and the lights shine onto the stage. The room falls silent. You have hired a corporate entertainer to present the after dinner entertainment. Will the audience like them? Will they deliver as promised? and most importantly, will the boss approve?…

Are you looking to hire an entertainer for a corporate event but don’t know where to start? There are thousands of different types of corporate entertainment companies out there all with different niches, but who should you choose?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone out there who could give you tips that could help you deal with the pressures of providing corporate party entertainment – Well lucky for you, that is where we come in.

Tom Crowl has been in the entertainment business for around 30 years. He has put together 5 remedies to help you determine which corporate entertainment company will be best for entertaining your crowd…

Tip One: You must encourage all speakers to plan their speeches, a time limit needs to be followed. Even if it means that they wear a stopwatch, you have to keep track of time. A speaker who wings it or is unprepared tends to go over and you will most likely find that the audience will start falling to sleep. Short and Sweet will save the day!

Tip Two: All entertainers must stay on schedule, nothing irritates people more than an event that overruns. Vendors should be made aware that timing is crucial! Most events never run to schedule and they end up with a fidgeting audience. Don’t ever be afraid to tighten or shorten something to get back on track. Your guests will be pleased and will thank you.

Tip Three: Whatever you do, don’t end with entertainment. After 30 years in this business, I can assure you that events that end with entertainment slowly fizzle because people are conscious of the time. When the rest of the event is over, and entertainment is all that’s left, the babysitter or the morning commute come to mind. The audience begins to drift off, no matter who you have chose to entertain the crowd. Putting your entertainment prior to the speeches and door prizes puts everyone in a great mood and the rest of the evening will sail along smoothly.

Tip Four: Hold door prizes or desert for last. Why? You want to keep the crowd and we all know that everyone loves desert! This will make sure your group stays until the end so your event message can be summed up successfully.

Tip Five: Last but not least, you shouldn’t rely on the same entertainment every year – no matter how well it was received. Bringing the same act back year after year creates a monotony and your attendance will eventually suffer. Keep things fresh. If you liked last year’s entertainment, talk to them for referrals. Consider bringing popular acts back on a three year cycle.

We are sure that if you apply these tips when choosing your next Corporate Entertainment Company, you will most certainly have returning guests each year and a huge round of applause at the end of each event that you hold!

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