Hiring a corporate entertainer is always a great way to liven up an event, but what if you could use them more to your advantage? Tom Crowl has come up with 5 powerful ways to use corporate entertainers that will make your event turn out even better than you had planned!

  1. If you play ambience music during cocktail hours it adds an extra dimension and can make people feel more relaxed. If everyone is at ease conversations flow easier making people more comfortable in the social environment.
  2. If you use a Caricature Artists it creates customer appreciation and you could even use the pictures for gifts to give to your major clients! It is also a great way to create laughter, which improves everyone’s mood!
  3. You could hire imposters to convince the audience that they are normal businessmen. Your guests will squirm at the things they say before they realize who they are and that the joke is on them! This is a great way to relax your guests and make them giggle.
  4. By having Juggling workshops as a team building break-out session during seminars, it can help people escape from the task at hand and then when they return, you will find that they have fresh ideas and an open mind. Breaking up the session with something fun will improve the audience response by making them more energized.
  5. How about hiring a Magician for your new product launch. They could make your new item appear out of a hat or even disappear into thin air. A business comedian could be great for a product launch to as they could discuss the cool new features and make jokes about how they compare with the competition. This will certainly make your new item more memorable!

If you would like some more information about the powerful ways to use corporate entertainers, or the types of entertainers you could use for your event, contact Tom here or call (410)596-4127 and he will be happy to help.