It is NO fun …

Trying to come up with fun activities that is.

Everyone has been there, done that, seen it all.

So how are YOU supposed to get everyone involved and having fun?

For many employees, the highlight of the business social calendar is the corporate office party. When you are in charge of planning the festivities, the responsibility of ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable experience can be daunting.

By organizing a variety of corporate holiday event ideas, your guests can be fully engaged in the merriment from the moment they arrive until the party has ended.

Unique & Fun Ideas For Corporate Events

When considering different corporate social event ideas, choose activities that conform to:

  • your company’s culture
  • identity
  • workplace atmosphere.

Here are some of the most popular games and entertainment options:

* The Mysterious Desk Item:

Many fun company event ideas are simple and inexpensive.

Gather several common items from the desks of different employees, and assign a number to each one of them.

  • Coffee cups
  • staplers
  • calculators
  • pens

are perfect for this activity. Everyone makes a list and writes the name of the owner next to the item. The person with the highest percentage of correct answers receives an award or door prize.

* Comedian:

Everyone loves a corporate comedian, and a holiday office party is the perfect venue to give your co-workers something to laugh about.

Since company sponsored events still require a sense of etiquette, always verify the comedian’s particular brand of humor is appropriate for the setting.

Vulgarity and sex-related humor is NOT suitable for corporate parties.

* Karaoke:

Karaoke remains one of the most reliable and inexpensive entertainment options for holiday parties.

Assuming the venue is suitable for loud music, Karaoke brings out the entertainer in everyone. Machines and disks can be purchased from electronics stores or rented from local music shops.

Co-workers may be reluctant to take the stage at first, but once the ice is broken, the fun really begins.

* Gift Exchange:

Each employee is required to bring an unusual, inexpensive gift. In fact, whacky and off the wall gifts are encouraged.

The gifts are arranged under the holiday tree, and each employee is assigned a random number.

The person with the first number chosen picks a gift and opens it. The second person can either steal the first gift or select a new one.

The game continues until every gift is opened, but each gift can only be stolen twice.

* Pass the Orange:

At least two teams with six players should be arranged in single file lines.

The first person in each line tucks an orange underneath their chin. The orange gets passed down the line until it gets to the last person, who comes to the front of the line and starts the process over again.

The first team to get their starting player to the front of the line wins the game.

The Key to Corporate Party Success

Corporate parties offer a great opportunity for co-workers to bond and learn more about each other outside the pressure of the workplace environment.

Planning activities that keep the party interesting and engaging will ensure a successful event that is remembered fondly for years to come.

For additional corporate event ideas and entertainment options, contact our office today. We can help put the fun in your corporate events.