We’ve got 41 Fun Corporate Event Ideas to share with you!

Companies hold corporate events for a variety of reasons.

  • You may want to attract new customers.
  • Thank your current clients.
  • Build buzz about your business.
  • Develop out-of-the-office camaraderie.
  • Show employee appreciation.
  • Recognize key players in your workforce.
  • and the list could go on and on …

Corporate events allow you to capture the attention of your attendees. But if the event isn’t fun, people can quickly lose interest. When that happens your goals fail and the budget goes down the drain.

So here are some of the most
fun corporate event ideas
we’ve heard about!

One way to have a fun corporate event is to use a theme. You could have:

  1. A Parking Lot Picnic,
  2. A Charity Bake Sale,
  3. A Snack and Dessert Cart
  4. Theme Lunches – i.e. – tailgating, potluck, Irish, etc.
  5. Indoor Mini Golf – have each department create a hole.
  6. Office Chair Races – clear the hallway, the race is starting.
  7. Who’s Baby Picture Is That?
  8. Office Trivia – always a fun time.
  9. Inflatable Costumed Sumo Wrestling,
  10. Karaoke All-Stars
  11. Dancing With The Office Stars
  12. TV game shows –
    • Office Feud – department family against department.
    • Jeopardy – A question is your answer.
    • The Price Is Right – prices or guess the value?
    • Wheel of Fortune – an elaborate game of hangman.
    • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – quiz your staff.
    • Trading Spaces – office makeover.
    • The Great Race – who will complete the tasks first?
    • Cupcake Wars – delicious competition.
    • Iron Chef – which chef will win?
  13. Pumpkin Decorating
  14. Guess How Many – always a fun time.
    • penny jar
    • M&M’s
    • be creative …
  15. Kiss The Pig Voting – great charity fundraiser and company fun.
  16. Sports –
    • ping pong – indoors or out.
    • tennis – anyone?
    • racquetball – a bit more competitive.
    • badminton – who has a set?
    • kickball – easy to organize.
    • baseball – company team or department playoff.
    • horsehoes – an age old favorite.
  17. Slogan or logo contest – harness everyone’s creativity.
  18. Hulahoop – shake your booty.
  19. Tricycle Race – wacky competitive fun.
  20. Walking – healthy habits and team building
  21. Craft Sale – another excellent charity fund-raiser.
  22. Employee Car Wash – good clean fun.
  23. Golf With The Boss – improving employee/management relations.
  24. Archery – Improving aim.
  25. Go-Karting – just plain fun!
  26. Bike Run – exercise and team building.
  27. Company Anniversary – celebrate!
  28. Office Poker – break out the chips.
  29. Motivational Speakers – inspire for greater achievement.
  30. Juggling Workshop – help busy employees focus.
  31. Magic Class – help your employees master the impossible.
  32. How To Be A Ventriloquist – a unique skill to learn.
  33. Scavenger Hunt – who will finish first?
  34. Random Acts of Kindness – enough said!
  35. Office Dares – Who will take the challenge?
  36. GPS Geocache – find the hidden items on a mystery tour.
  37. Paper airplane challenge – how far will it go?
  38. Build a boat – will it actually float & how much weight will it hold?
  39. The Egg Drop – craft a way to protect an egg during a drop.
  40. The BBQ Challenge – who on your staff makes the best BBQ?
  41. Go green – Have employees develop energy saving ideas for your company

Not every corporate event has to be an expensive or lavish affair. Creating a fun atmosphere keeps your staff invested in the company. With a happy workforce knowing they are an important part of the big picture, productivity increases.

If your fun corporate event ideas involve corporate entertainment, contact our office to discuss how we can bring the funny to your fun!